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PPTR 2018


PPTR 2018 is organized by the International Society for the Physiology and Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation.

International Organising Committee


  • Igor B. Mekjavic, Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)


  • Craig Crandall, University of Texas Southwestern (USA)
  • Glen Kenny, University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Robin McAllen, University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Kei Nagashima, Waseda University (Japan)
  • Wouter van Markenlichtenbelt , University of Maastricht (The Netherlands)
  • Matt White Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Local Organising Committee

  • Chair: Igor B. Mekjavic, Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)

Climate change workshop

Post-conference workshop on "Diving physiology: with particular emphasis on thermal problems during diving (the 2-day workshop will be held on a boat)"

University of Split Iiasion

Assistance to students and early career investigators

Symposia Committee

•coordinates conference symposia

  • Chair: Michael J. Tipton (UK)
  • Daniel Gagnon (Canada)
  • Takeshi Nishiyasu (Japan)
  • Pietro di Prampero, (Italy)

Scientific Committee

•coordinates abstract reviews

  • Chair: Claire Eglin (UK)
  • Umberto Bernabucci (Italy)
  • Michal Horowitz (Israel)
  • Larry Kenney (USA)
  • Hitoshi Wakabayashi (Japan)

Programme Committee

•arranges conference programme (including designating chairs & co-chairs)

  • Chair: Glen Kenny (Canada)
  • William Adams (USA)
  • Andreas Flouris (Greece)
  • Chris Minson (USA)
  • Biljana Movia (FYR Macedonia)

Awards Committee

•coordinates the evaluation of the Early Career Investigators' presentations

  • Chair: Craig Crandall (USA)
  • Michael J. Tipton (UK)
  • Lacy Alexander (USA)
  • Andras Garami (Hungary)
  • Maria Koskolou (Greece)
  • Kazuhiro Nakamuro (Japan)
  • Lars Nybo (Denmark)
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